Coworking Space

The founding of my first company [an]docken also resulted in the creation of a coworking space. Round about twelve people, from three different companies, needed a place to work. So we rented an old shop and created the "Stutzpunkt" workspace.
The creative hotspot resulted in various events and ideas. From the fashion label "Aggrobatik" to consulting for the project "temporary home".
As a result of this space, I was part of a team that helped the university Kassel to create a new coworking space in their centre for entrepreneurship.

Position: Consultant
- workshop "how to create a new coworking space"
- identify the physical needs (furniture)
- identify minimum requirements (wifi)
- network and talk to other coworking users and owners

Challenges of this project:
- transform a working social project into a product
- differences between academic approach and startup reality

What I learned:
How to transform a working idea into a product that can be duplicated and created again. The difference between a wild startup space and a clean academic approach to the same idea. 
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