Ort Schafft Ideen

Was a building competition in the Summer of 2012. It was also the main project of the [an]docken team. We wanted to improve the living conditions in two underdeveloped parts of Kassel. So we created a competition to build seven temporary Projects during one week of construction. The results were a variety of ideas from urban gardening, reopening an old factory to produce art or to cover an unused industrial chimney with mirrors. The main goal was to show the potential of this part of the city.

Position: Project Manager
- overall project execution on site
- leading people
- sales and money handling
- make things happen

Challenges of this project:
- building seven projects simultaneous 
- work 18 months to create a one-week event
- get people involved
- my first project as entrepreneur

What I learned:
This project taught me a million small thing. First the huge difference between a project in the safe university environment and a project with your name and money out in the wild. I learned the importance of small things and how to create a project in time and budget on the spot. like you promised. I also learned a new perspective on earning money and using the money. 

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