Atelier Fleiter

culture and creative thinktank

Atelier Fleiter is a company founded my artist Sebastian Fleiter. It is the mother behind the "Stromodrom" and "The Electric Hotel" project. Furthermore, it is also the company that created the "Nachrichtenmeisterei". A culture and creative hotspot with ateliers, sound studios, video production and two nightclubs. 

Position: Project Manager
- project managing
- accounting 
- be the middleman between all shareholders
keep the technical facilities working
- event management
- public relations
- make things happen

Challenges of this project:
- working with creative people
- way too much fun during the work
- beeing responsible for 4000qm of creative chaos

What I learned:
How to make a living beeing a creative person. Challenging but unbelievable fun. 

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