Style over Speed

Was a project to develop a GPS-tracking device for bikes. The goal was to stop bike thieves once and for all. So the task was to create a cheap device that worked with all existing bikes, is integrated into the bike and therefore not easy to remove, works with all existing bikes on the market and can charge itself with electricity and needs no further maintenance.

Position: Founder / Engineer 
- ideation to final product
- create the device
- find a market 
- finance the project 

Challenges of this project:
- cost
- had to function with all existing bikes
- not easy to remove

What I learned:
Sadly this project never made it out of the prototype stage. It was not very hard to develop a working prototype. The real task was to find a place on the bike where it could be easily installed, but not easy removed. integration into the frame was an obvious and working choice. The project was not realized because there was no was of reducing the cost under a critical point. and the margin on the market for the product with no additional benefits were simply too low. Even the bike market seemed very big and promising. 

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